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After the successful implementation of a ProChem continuous flow wastewater treatment system, Alcoa has contracted ProChem again to be their water reuse solution.


The ProChem water reuse system will feature ProChem’s high-pressure reverse osmosis technology. The system will also be equipped with local monitoring and automation controls and ProChem’s web-based remote monitoring service. The system’s goal is to reuse over 75% of the industrial wastewater from the facility and return the water to the manufacturing process.


This system will be operated by the existing ProChem operators who operate the wastewater treatment system daily.


The ProChem water reuse system will allow the facility to reuse over 75% of their wastewater.

Congratulations to the ProChem team and to its customer for taking another step towards environmental excellence!

ProChem's Water Systems team recently finished another successful water reuse system. This system replaced an existing water reuse system at an automotive manufacturing plant. The existing system utilized standard reverse osmosis technology and was almost 10 years old. With that system in place, the customer was experiencing about a 70% reuse rate.

The ProChem Industrial Water Reuse system uses ProChem's high-pressure reverse osmosis technology. As a result, the customer is now experiencing a 93%+ water reuse rate.

Congratulations to the Water Systems team and to our customer!

ProChem HPRO Achieves over 93% Reuse Rate ProChem's HPRO Technology is designed to achieve a 95% reuse rate.

Congratulations to the ProChem team on a successful system start-up for Alcoa!

This wastewater treatment system was designed and engineered specifically to target and treat the contaminants found in the wastewater at their facility.


The system is fully automated and features web-based remote monitoring software, allowing the system to run 24/7 with only 2 operators.


Alcoa also chose ProChem as their contracted operations service. Both of the operators needed to run the system work for ProChem, so Alcoa doesn't have any added overhead for their new system—but all the benefits of it.


We are proud to report that the system is producing 100% compliant effluent. This system is one huge step towards the facility’s goal to reach a 95% wastewater reuse rate. The second phase of the project will include implementing ProChem’s high-pressure reverse osmosis technology, which will allow them to reuse their wastewater. Great job, team!